Quality – Value – Service, words we’ve heard a million times. Exciting huh? Not really.

Something I don’t understand, is dealerships who hope to be successful in their marketing endeavors who keep offering the same old baloney as everybody else. They generally rely on the status quo, using the same catch phrases, doing things the same way they’ve always done things, using worn out marketing strategies, but expecting different results.

Things have changed.

Consumers are now better educated and equipped before they ever walk into your dealership. Therefore better service and better products require better strategies and marketing. Consumers today ignore boring and reward creativity and stories, and they love word of mouth.

Here are five ways towards a more effective results-oriented marketing strategy:

  1. Target the right customer. Who do you serve? What do they really look like? What are their challenges? How can you add value?
  2. Ignite conversations by creating community. It’s about people. I’ve learned every marketing problem is a people problem. Do a Google search – Go online and do two Google Searches: “I love ______________ (fill in your dealership name).” And “I hate _______________ (fill in your dealership name).” What are the online customer conversations going on? Is it positive? If not, there’s a people problem somewhere that needs to be solved.
  3. Help people connect. People are amazing. They form tribes. They create communities and social change. They struggle, They fall in love. They are social and emotional. They love to help others. They want to change the world. They want a voice. It’s imperative that you help people to connect with you and by extension, your dealership. Conversation leads to consideration.
  4. Share good stories. You do not decide what gets talked about – people do. The most influential element driving purchase decisions today is word of mouth, followed by information from a website. Are you helping your marketing by sharing good stories?
  5. Make your direct mail marketing relevant, timely, and personal. Once you’ve identified your customer that you want to serve, creating a marketing strategy that connects with your community is essential. People are inundated with information and therefore your marketing efforts must be relevant, timely, and personal.

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