ADS | What Story Are You Selling?

Selling often gets a bad rap. It’s sometimes labeled as manipulating people to do something they may not want to do. But, from the moment you get out of the shower every morning, you’re selling a story.

We have to. It’s not really an option, because stories are how humans read each other. For some reason we see doctors as selling trust. The story we tell ourselves is that doctors paid the brain bill to get good grades to go to medical school. They reinforce our worldview by doing the time to be a doctor, behaving like a “doctor”, even wearing the white jacket, and therefore we trust them.

Medicine doesn’t sell us a cure, it sells trust. The lottery sells hope. Facebook sells community and belonging. Apple sells perfect design and innovation. Nordstrom sells quality. Amazon sells convenience and speed. Whole Foods sells nurturing and healthy living.

The truth is, you’re not just selling cars, automotive marketing, or information.

You’re selling a story. It’s important to know what story you are selling.