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Why bother doing things differently?

This is why.

Innovate, create, differentiate. Be the difference that everyone is drawn to because you walk and talk with that edge that your competitors don’t have. Confront mediocrity and the status quo. Push the envelope. Confront fear. Inspire others. Put your energy into creating products and services that people (maybe not everyone, but enough people) love, and want to buy into.

Stand in your customer’s shoes and identify three things that would compel your customer to say, I LOVE THIS?

The truth is most car dealers tell a similar story: ‘We have the best service, the best deals.’

How are you going to tell a different and better story? What other promises can you make and keep? What priceless shortcuts can you offer? What will enable people to connect with you and your brand? What will make them choose you?

Are you going to tell a story that’s different enough to get noticed, and true enough to be believed?

So why bother doing things differently?

Because it’s the only way, in this commoditized world that you’ll be remembered, loved and shared.


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