ADS | Well-Designed Moments | Chad Brooks

Every brand, including your own brand, is built on the feelings and experiences it delivers to customers, often in the blink of an eye.

In the automotive world where constant innovation and reinvention is a huge priority, the demand for ideas and experiences that deepen customer relationships and make the world seem new again is no longer optional, but required. Massively so.

The challenge is to create well-designed moments which provide an opportunity to build and deepen those relationships. In the past our relationship with the customer was primarily face-to-face. The customer would come to the showroom and either they bought or they didn’t. That was it. Today however, we live in a digital world where opportunities abound with innovative ways in which we can connect with our customers, long before and long after they’ve left the showroom floor.

Dealerships who create well-designed moments beyond the showroom floor, that are felt and experienced, will find abundant opportunity to serve those customers when they are ready to purchase that new car, or refer you to their social network.


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