Opportunity Doesn't Knock | ADS | Chad Brooks

Opportunity is everywhere, but you won’t hear it knocking at your door. Today opportunity hollers behind the closed doors of fear, confusion, and business as usual. What I’ve learned for sure in the automotive direct mail marketing business is that the future belongs to those unwilling to accept the stifling status quo, to those who are not afraid of new ideas, who stay focused, puzzled, excited, and execute those ideas. These are the geniuses.


Geniuses are not found on the sidelines. They are not observers or critics. They’re dreamers and doers. They explore and create and, with their passion and daring, move us all forward.

A genius is an automotive GM who inspires his sales team to greatness. She’s a team member in administration who visualizes a radically better process and makes it come to life for the benefit of the customers and the team.

Screw it. Let’s do it!

A genius feels the pressure and maybe the fear of change or failure, but like adventurer and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, says, “Screw it. Let’s do it!” and plows forward with bold ideas, never accepting business as usual.

Geniuses are a threat to the status quo. They are misfits. Like a pair of tight fitting pants, they’re uncomfortable and they often make others uncomfortable.

I’ve learned knowledge seldom leads to transformation. Rather, it is discomfort with the current reality that provokes change, and with it those unique moments and experiences that inspire us.

I’ve heard it put this way, “Easy times are the enemy, they put us to sleep. Adversity is our friend. It wakes us the hell up.” Just ask the overweight man who has recently experienced a heart attack.

Wake up.

This article won’t give you a heart attack, but I hope it’s message will create a restless moment, and maybe if needed, wake you up and transform how you look at your world.

So what are you doing? Why are you doing it? Is it exciting to you? Are you passionate about it? Are you doing the best you can do? If not, how about a change? What about finding the genius in you?

Let’s get started on increasing your automotive marketing ROI!

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