Making big changes in life is a lot of hard work. I tend to fail when I try. So now my life experiences have taught me to just try and make small changes. They have much more of a chance of actually happening. We all face the same dilemma. Our energy and time are scarce so it helps to pick our changes wisely.

After some time goes by I notice that those little changes begin to take root and sometimes turn into big changes without all the drama it would otherwise take to get the results we want to see. Sometimes I guess it’s just time and karma working it out on their own terms.

For some people though that isn’t good enough. Their changes have to be big or nothing at all. Generally it turns out to be nothing at all  just a pipe dream.

And then they wonder why there is nothing.

I’d love to hear from you and learn what you think about change. What are the changes you are making that are impacting your business and life? What are some of the hurdles (we all have them!) with regards to change that you struggle with? How will the the next 12 months be any different for you than it is right now? I hope you’ll take a moment and share your thoughts.