For me, the best thing about being in the automotive direct mail marketing is the people I get to meet.

For someone on the outside of my industry though, it may be hard to imagine the kind of culture that comprises the automotive marketing industry. It doesn’t take long for one to figure out that nearly everyone in my industry is seemingly an “expert”, and that very few travel outside the boundaries of standard business practices to try something new. So, what you end up finding is a lot of recycled ideas offering nothing but the same old thing. But this isn’t anything new to you. In fact we’d probably agree that this is found in every type of business, that people are more comfortable sticking with the same tired ideas.

So it’s always refreshing to find those few people who are making waves and resisting the status quo – those who are intent on making a difference. Those who want to change the world. Those who embrace change.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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