What is automotive marketing? | ADS | Chad Brooks, President

Ask any car guy who is paying for marketing, what automotive marketing is about, and they’ll likely answer with a few choice words. Ask a typical car marketing guy what automotive marketing is about and they’ll answer with a nice smile and smooth cliches about satisfying customer needs and “world class” service. It’s not necessarily BS, but you hear it every day.

Since I am a car marketing guy, let me make it simple to understand what automotive marketing is all about, at least at ADS. I believe it is helping car guys make it easy to choose ADS based on our quality, creativity and sales results from across our entire organization’s communications and actions.

Sounds simple.

It may be simple but it requires intense curiosity, as well as persuasive and diplomatic skills to just get our idea embraced by car guys.

You may be asking, curiosity about what?

Curiosity about how car buyers buy, live, and shop. About what, how, and why they choose to purchase their car from you. Basically, it’s knowing details about the market in order to get the right sales results.

And then . . .

It’s all about execution. Execution always follows understanding. It’s the stuff you don’t see going on behind the scenes. It’s having a team that is on the right page. It’s a team that executes using the right systems and processes. It’s years of paying the brain bill to acquire knowledge, ideas, skills, and talent. There is also the unmistakable desire, passion, and love for the art of making it happen  that is making car sales and creating fans.

That my friend, is what automotive marketing is about from a not-so-typical car marketing guy.

Let’s talk.

Learn more about our passion. Let us help you with your next automotive direct mail campaign!

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