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Following are six reasons why there is a great opportunity in automotive direct mail advertising.

  1. It grabs attention. Have you noticed how many fewer magazines and print newsletters you are getting in the mail these days? I don’t know about you, but I definitely pay more attention to my print mail. There’s just less mail, so more attention is paid to each piece. Opportunity? The decision that many print magazines are making to go digital leaves a clear opportunity for you to fill the gap and receive the customers’ clear attention. Of course, not just any automotive direct mail will work. You must deliver quality and it must be compelling.
  2. Print lets people unplug. More and more, people are actively choosing to unplug, or disconnect themselves from digital media. I’m finding myself turning off my phone and email more to engage with printed material. A year ago, I didn’t see this coming. Today, I relish opportunities when I can’t be reached for comment. If I’m right, many of your prospective car buyers, especially busy people, are feeling the same way. Your automotive direct mail piece may be just what they need.
  3. It focuses on customer and prospect retention. Many dealerships we work with are learning the power between an integrated approach to mail and digital. The buyer is in control. The sooner a dealership realizes this and begins aligning their selling process to the buyer’s buying process, more effective communication and nurturing can take place, which bottom line means more sales.
  4. Car buyers still need to know what questions to ask. I love the Internet because car buyers can find answers to almost anything. But where does someone go to think about what questions he or she should be asking? A member of our creative team at ADS said it best: “The web is where we go to get answers, but print is where we go to ask questions.” The print vehicle is still the best medium on the planet for thinking outside the box and asking yourself tough questions based on what you read; it’s “lean back” versus “lean forward.” If you want to challenge your prospective car buyers, print is the viable option. It’s amazing how different the perception is of the print versus online information.
  5. What’s old is new again. So many dealerships have relied on social media and online content to be their marketing mix. Everyone is looking for something different and something new. It’s hard to believe, but the print channel is new again and seeing a rebirth. Go back and read point #1.
  6. Print still excites people. The printed word is still perceived as more credible to many people than anything on the web. It goes to the old adage, “If someone invested enough to print and mail it, it must be important.”

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