Too many people in the automotive industry get stuck trying to find that elusive sales idea as if it’s the holy grail and the solution to all their problems. They feel someone has the idea they want and it’s their job to find it. But they keep going about it the same old way by asking marketing companies the same old thing, “Any new ideas?”. They ask as if they think it works like a gumball machine, “If I just turn the knob, I’ll get a gumball”  in this case, an idea. They assume good ideas just appear.

ADS | Gumballs Cost A Quarter by Chad Brooks

Good ideas are worth something

The problem is it doesn’t work that way. To get a gumball, the last time I checked it required a quarter. Good ideas are worth something. Someone invested themselves, likely over years and many failed ideas to cultivate a winning idea. Sure there are snake oil salesman who are ready to peddle and unload on you some “winning” ideas. However, truly worthwhile ideas are not exchanged on a whim.

Winning ideas?

If you want winning ideas that will help you sell more cars, win more customers and grow your revenue, start by investing yourself in a relationship with a marketing company where you get to know each other and trust is developed. A good relationship begins here, where a company will get to know you, your goals, and what’s important to you. When this happens and there is mutual trust, then there will be an exchange of value … or should I say ideas.

Let’s get to know each other and discuss some ideas.

Let’s work together on a winning marketing plan.

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