In 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt made an astonishing statement, “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” In the book, The Business of Belief, author Tom Asacker confronted two realities that have redefined the impact of influence in today’s marketplace. These realities are present in every car dealership today across the country and play a major impact in how we market and sell cars.

The first reality is this: Our choices, in all areas of life, have rampantly increased. Think of every new car product, car service, or cause and you realize just how much work is required to capture people’s attention and get them to act.

The second, is that car buyers have become easily distracted and many times very distrusting, making attention increasingly scarce and fleeting. It’s no rocket science here, in order to sustain a car buyer’s attention today takes a considerable amount of talentideasstrategy, and innovation.

Because we live in an age of distraction, of overwhelming amounts of conflicting information and competing priorities, we must as car people think like our car buyers.

When a prospective buyer investigates a car product and find confusing information, they walk away. When they click on a link and discover even more steps to make a purchase, they reconsider. If they even have a hard time making sense of something as seemingly irrelevant as a hard to read font on an automotive direct mail piece, they lose focus and redirect their attention elsewhere.

Great automotive marketers understand car buyers and simplify the belief process by eliminating difficulties and competing options on their attention. Great automotive marketers work really hard to make it easy.

We are ready to help you with the right marketing strategy today!

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