I Will Know It When I See It | ADS

One of the most famous phrases in the entire history of the supreme court was uttered way back in the 1960’s by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who said, “I will know it when I see it.” Ask most folks how they go about creating innovation and ideas and they will give you that blank look searching their brain for that famous statement of candor, “I will know it when I see it.”

The Secret Code

It seems that innovation has a secret code, or maybe everyone has a blank look. In spite of that, aren’t people and companies constantly innovating? Innovation surrounds us. We see new car models every year, new and improved baby strollers (I know!), food, mobile phones, and even the way we purchase things. It’s everywhere and around us all the time.

Getting the mojo

So how do you summon the mojo for innovating? Is it a secret formula? Are there specific actions you can take to get you in the space where you discover new insights that transform your business and make you stand apart from everyone else?

The answer: You better believe it!

It begins at the edges

I’ve learned that innovation happens at the edges. Finding those edges for your service or product is the key. At ADS we are always innovating. It’s our culture that we’ve nurtured. We are always focused on finding the edges based upon our own experiences and striving to create new and better approaches to how we do things.

Soon we’ll be launching our new website, and you will find lots of cool content and ideas that we want to share with you. It’s our way of innovating and sharing tools and ideas to help you with your goal — to sell more cars.

Let’s work together on a winning marketing plan.

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