Why We Advertise | ADS | Chad Brooks

Do you ever think about why you advertise?

I know the answer of course.

You want to sell more cars.

Yes, that is true and something we are good at, but there might be other reasons, such as:

  1. We just have the budget.
  2. Our automotive services don’t create difference for our customers.
  3. It helps us keep up with our competitors.
  4. We’re afraid.
  5. We confuse awareness with impact.
  6. It’s easier than giving people something worth talking about.
  7. We want to raise awareness and stay top of mind.
  8. Or worst of all, we believe advertising is a shortcut to mattering to customers.

What if we made advertising . . .

When there is a bigger purpose than just driving traffic to tell potential customers who and where we are, magic happens. Let’s become who the customer wants us to be. Freaking remarkable!