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I like golf. However, I’m not a very good golfer. My golf expertise is more in tune with watching the game than actually playing it. I also realize there is a difference to actually playing a game of golf versus watching a game of golf.

If you’re playing the game, it all starts with balls.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Sorry. And yes, I do have a point.

My point is, there are similarities I’ve observed between really good golfers and really good car sales professionals.

Not only do both take balls to succeed, they both take determination, patience, strategy, focus, and more often than not, dealing with hazards in every direction. And in golf as well as car sales, every so often you hit an eagle or a hole in one.

A great golfer also increases his odds for success with an unknown hero  a bag man, better known as a caddie. Some professional caddies bring in six-figure incomes. PGA Tour caddie, Terry Mundy describes the trick to being a good caddy:

“A caddy’s a little bit of everything: you can be a coach, a psychologist, you’re there to keep the good rounds going and to turn the bad ones around, you’re there to offer advice, be a friend, a bit of everything. But at the end of the day I can’t make him play.”

Car sales professionals also increase their odds for success with the right automotive marketing strategies, partners and teamwork, and adapt to continual change and growth, something I’ve personally enjoyed playing a role in with many car dealers.

Of course, whether we are playing golf or selling cars, we have to keep swinging to stay in the game.



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