ADS Marketer: Automotive Marketing

Imagine this past Monday morning and you’re replying to the onslaught of emails that came in over the weekend. You notice out of nowhere an unsolicited sales email interrupts your flow. Of course it’s just one email, and in a split second it’s deleted. No harm to you or the business owner who was casting his net as wide as possible, correct? After all someone might bite. At least that’s the story many automotive marketers tell themselves.

The problem is that one email from a lot of people trying to cut through the clutter, creates more clutter and further suspicion. And those people who you are wanting to become customers, who are on the receiving end of that email feel annoyed. They feel they were interrupted with a demand for more attention. That’s not good if you are wanting to build a relationship that results in sales, referrals and customer loyalty.

This type of marketing tactic is common, and used by many automotive marketers who fear being invisible. But the reality is, it does nothing to help sell more cars or grow fans. It only alienates people.

The best automotive email marketing that delivers results meets the following criteria:

  1. It starts with permission. Have a permission database, that is people who have given you permission to communicate with them. If you are not doing this take the time to read this — CLICK HERE!
  2. Have something to say. Your customer is saying “Help me care.” Do this by sharing compelling stories that will help your customers to bond with you emotionally.
  3. Make your marketing personal, relevant, and anticipated. Cut through the clutter and increase your customer’s knowledge of the benefits you offer. Make every single marketing effort you create with your customers one that encourages a learning relationship. Make your content professional, memorable and engaging. And don’t forget it’s important to connect with your customers on a regular basis. Don’t give them the opportunity to forget you.
  4. Continue to grow permission. Once you have permission to market to your customers, don’t take it for granted. You must always deliver a show or you will lose permission.

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