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In automotive marketing, we market with intent on one thing — to sell more cars.

‘Increased sales today’, is the motto, which translates into focusing only on the sale, and not on the customer.

The alternative is to be the automotive marketer who injects growth into the dealership by wowing customers, giving customers a reason to tell and share their experience and story.

Today’s marketers call this technique ‘growth hacking’. Growth hackers optimize their businesses to win new customers by creating value. They win by delivering on a promise:  the promise to purposefully connect with customers, and by staging experiences for customers that will drive demand for buying a car or service. They win by customizing that experience, not just to sell more cars, but to give every guest something to talk about and an easy way to do that.

It turns out that growth hacking is the practice of creating and leveraging the experience of your customers. There’s no business, especially the car business, that’s not show business. To win in show business, car marketers and sales teams must deliver a well scripted show, an experience. This experience should be around enticing themes, staged before a wealth of activities that captivate guests before, after, and while they shop for that new car.

A new ADS service, GAMETIME, was created for just this purpose (LAUNCHING: November 2014). The purpose is to help car dealers stage meaningful experiences that will drive demand for buying a car and service. GAMETIME provides car dealers with enticing contest themes built around social activities. It’s a way to increase the chances of another connection. It captivates your guests, builds fans, nurtures customers, and drives traffic to your showroom.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from GAMETIME:

ADS Gametime | Automotive Contest Marketing


It’s automotive marketing as a strategy for growth — and for selling more cars.