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It’s the classic challenge we all face in the car business. Discover and solve the buried problem that all car dealers have, whether it’s in marketing, sales, or some new technology — and enormous opportunities and more car sales will result.


Yes. However we all know that the road to success is not a perfectly paved or straight road. We all will find that our journey has unexpected curves, detours, and even some potholes along the way. This is life. Nothing new here.

The magic occurs for us when we can look beyond our fears and the mindset of business as usual and embrace change. This process allows us to see our challenges as unique opportunities that can not only transform sales and marketing, but even impact our own lives.

We see this approach and innovation not only at work in the car industry, but you can see it in just about every type of business. For example, Uber is a company that came up with a cool idea that makes getting a taxi easier. Stripe has made it a simple process for processing and collecting payments for any business. And how about Vessyl who just created a “smart” cup that tracks what you’re drinking in real-time.

Unlocking our ideas, thinking outside the box, using under-utilized assets, finding talent, artists, inventors, designers, marketers, storytellers, and big picture thinkers are the new keys to the kingdom of problem solving and innovation.

So how are you handling your challenges? Are you embracing new ideas? Are you welcoming changes in your own business?

It’s never been so easy, nor so challenging.


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