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Harvey Mackay said, “There’s no shortage of smart people in the world. But there is a shortage of creative people in the world.”

So why aren’t there more creative people in the world?

Maybe it’s because we start out thinking we already have the answer. We tell ourselves we are amazing. We convince ourselves we’re sexy.

Maybe we’re so used to doing the same ol’ routine day in and day out that we become complacent and comfortable, afraid to exercise new muscles, afraid to try something new.

The reality is little by little we lose our competitive edge, we’re not as sexy as we used to be, we’ve in fact become obsolete.

Our solutions are to push ourselves, work longer hours, throw more people at our problems, push sales harder, get marketing to do more, have more meetings.

Deep down inside, we know that’s not the answer.

The answer is simple. . .


How can you improve your life or business if you keep doing what you’re doing? To get a better life, to have more car sales, you need fresh ideas, and it all starts with being creative.

There was once a man who bet a friend that he could make a million dollars selling rocks. After his friend took him up on that offer, he packaged rocks in cardboard cartons that looked like pet carriers, filled them with straw, and call them Pet Rocks. Do I need to tell you that he made more than a million dollars?

Sometimes the biggest risk can be not taking a risk. Let’s innovate!

Here’s what we are doing to innovate at ADS: