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Have you ever received an amazing automotive direct mail promotion in your mail, one that you’d like to pin to your wall, one that made you nod your head and grin ear to ear or slow-clap in appreciation and reverence?

Okay maybe not completely to that extent.

However, it’s not too far from what I hear from customers and car dealers around the country. They say, “Chad, show me something new, something that will help us sell lots of cars.”

Simple, right?

♦ Show us new automotive direct mail and digital marketing masterpieces.

♦ Get us car sales!

♦ Bring us huge returns on our investment!


Behind the scenes at ADS, we invest countless hours studying new direct mail and digital marketing concepts and ideas, swooning over them, mind mapping strategies, using bits and pieces from other ideas and beta testing our theories to prove out a new “simple” winning automotive marketing promotion.

Following are five principles I believe lead to better automotive direct mail and digital marketing promotions:

  1. Talent and chemistry matter – It’s putting the right people in place who care and have talent. Your team’s chemistry is a reflection of your ability to strike a harmonious balance and constantly make small tweaks in the service of making ideas happen.
  2. Make ideas matter – Ideas are formed in the mind but triumph in the heart. We begin everything from where the audience is, and deliver the feelings they want to feel. Your ideas matter, and require that you overcome obstacles between vision and reality.
  3. Inspire and execute – Fully commit yourself to excellence in order to commit others.
  4. Harness the forces around you – Ideas often have the tendency to lie stagnant until we are jolted into action by either excitement or fear. This is why competition is an extremely motivating force. It serves as a catalyst for taking action and pushes us to improve our overall level of performance.
  5. Capitalize on feedback – As people engage with our ideas, they develop opinions about them. Ideally, the opinions will result in an exchange that will result in useful feedback.

Successful automotive direct mail and digital marketing promotions don’t happen by accident. They are a result of a hard working creative team that has talent, team chemistry, embraces innovation, inspires, executes the vision, relishes competition, and takes feedback to grow and improve. This is what we aspire to at ADS. This is who we are.