Competition Sucks | ADS | by Chad Brooks

Competition sucks. Competitors measure you, copy you, cook the numbers, and then tell others why you’re toast. The good news is they don’t get away with it in the long run, and the best news is you don’t have to compete with them.

You can lead. You can make the competition irrelevant. You can create that place in the industry where you are the ‘one’. Somewhere along the way I decided a few things that I was going to embrace about what I do in 2014. Following are a few principles that I’ve picked up along my journey:

  1. Live like you know the difference between remarkable and unremarkable, like it matters to you. The more “remarkable” matters to you, the more likely that it will appear in your service and the more likely other people will notice it.
  2. Ruthlessly avoid working for companies that “don’t get it”. Sure, I may have to turn down a gig here or there but it’s better than pushing up hill.
  3. Seek out the exceptional minds. This is a good one to highlight. Not everybody gets it. Their loss.
  4. Understand why what you’re offering to do for other people is interesting, meaningful, and makes a difference. Then start telling the world! If you don’t know, then how will other people know? That’s right. They won’t.
  5. Don’t get enamored by the success of the past. No journey is easy. We should be on a mission to learn and improve. Isn’t that what made the journey exciting?
  6. Listen. Tongues are dumber than brains, brains are dumber than ears, you get the drift.
  7. Be kind and courteous. Relationships are fueled by good will. Lose it and die.

Break away from your competition. Embrace some principles that make you stretch and grow. The status quo will always be status quo. What are you embracing that makes you soar? I’d love for you to share your thoughts.

Share a principle you are embracing for 2014 and I’ll treat you to a Starbucks cup of coffee to cheer you on!

Here’s my principle . . .

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