Don't Be The Same, Be Better

Remember when cereal came with a free prize inside? Even if you already liked the cereal, it was the free prize — something small, but a definite must have — that made it irresistible.

Those were the days!

Today, we live in a time where there is too much noise, too much clutter, too many choices, and constant change. The old ways of marketing don’t produce as well as they used to. The new ways of marketing seem unproven and uncharted territory. Therefore when it comes to our automotive marketing and advertising we hope or we cling to that which provides some sort of comfort or familiarity.

What if there were a handful of strategies that you haven’t explored that work at helping you sell more cars?

Something irresistible.


New and refreshing.

Something that is a connection to your audience.

That something is a FREE PRIZE.

The free prize isn’t a gimmick. It’s a game-changing innovation; a cool twist that transforms the way people feel and think about your dealership.

Can I get it, Mom?

If you were like me, you persistently nagged your Mom to buy that cereal with the free prize inside. You wanted Cracker Jacks to get the goofy little prize, too. We knew the cereal without the prize was just as good, but of course, it really wasn’t just as good. It didn’t have the free prize!

In those days, cereal makers had it easy. They could offer a free prize and create amazing advertising as well. They could charge a significant premium over their competitors if they had a talking tiger or some bird flipping fruit loops through sparkling sugar milk.

Today, of course, that’s no longer true. Cereal isn’t the cash machine it used to be. There are too many brands, not enough shelf space, and too many consumers that aren’t fooled by advertising.

So all we’ve got left is the “free prize”.

The free prize has two characteristics:

First, it’s the thing about your dealership that’s worth remarking on, something worth seeking out and buying. It’s about being remarkable.

Second, a free prize is not about what a person needs. Instead, it satisfies our wants. It is engaging, fun, surprising, or delightful. It rarely delivers more of what we were already buying but it delivers something extra.

I’ve learned the only way to stand out and command attention is to innovate. This is why we’ve been working hard, creating a new line of digital automotive marketing services for car dealerships. We are helping car dealers sell more cars through innovations that are fun, engaging, surprising, and delightful — that deliver that something extra.

The future belongs to automotive marketers and car dealerships who are remarkable, not boring. Car buyers haven’t changed. They have always wanted more than they say they want. So what matters to car buyers?

Design matters.

Style matters.

Extras matter.

“WOW” matters.

The free prize matters.

So how are you doing with innovation? Are you still clinging to the past? Let us help you do something remarkable.