ADS | Nothing Great Comes Without A Price

We all know that you don’t get something for nothing in this world. Right?

If we are going to win, we must decide what price we are willing to pay to win. Some people don’t want to pay the price to win, they would rather dream of someday “doing it.”  A lot of people will try to “do it.” A lot of people will want to “do it.” A lot of people will almost “do it.”

But winners, they just “do it.”

Winners do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Yes, life is tough. You may not feel good, you may be discouraged, you may even be afraid. Just do it.

When I think of discouragement I’m reminded of this story that illustrates my point.

One day the devil decided to pack it in and sell his business. He decided to sell all the tools to whomever would pay the price he wanted. On the night of the sale, the tools were all attractively displayed. Malice, hate, envy, jealousy, greed, sensuality, and deceit were among them. Over to the side lay a harmless wedge-shaped tool, which had been used much more than any of the rest.

Someone asked the devil, “What’s that tool? It’s priced so high.”

The devil answered, “That’s discouragement.”

“But why is it priced so much higher than the rest?” the onlooker persisted.

“Because,” replied the devil, “with that tool I can pry open and get inside a person’s head when I can’t get near with any of the others. Once discouragement gets inside, I can let all the other tools do their work.”

The fact is we all face discouragement. How you handle it goes a long way in determining your success and failure in reaching your dreams. Keep your dreams alive, write down your plan, work the plan, stay positive, and never, ever give up.

Most people almost work hard enough to win.

Most people almost hang in there long enough to win.

Most people almost have enough determination to win.

Don’t almost do enough!

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