Free Webinar – 5 Proven Methods to Sell 50 More Cars Per Month!

Yes, a FREE Webinar on 5 Proven Methods to Sell 50 More Cars Per Month! Each method will help you operate more efficiently, producing AT LEAST 10 deals a month. You don’t even have to spend “tens of thousands” more dollars. Some ideas just require effort and focus, time and execution.

In just 13-minutes, I cover five proven methods that dealerships across the country are using to sell 50 more cars per month.

1. Inbound Phone Pops – #1 opportunity! Fact: 31% of phone pops should end in a car deal. Most do not have the methods in place to track, report, and capitalize. Are you tracking your phone pops? Do you have the right systems in place? If you do, you will close 31% of your phone pops. If you get 300 inbound calls, means 93 deals.

2. Mining Your Customer Database – 10% of clients in your database are “gold nuggets” ready to make a deal. That’s 60, 70, 80 car deals a month from your equity mining department!  But here’s the question you should ask yourself: who is tracking and accountable for extracting these gold nuggets? It’s important to get the right tools and people in place to connect with your current database and offer something as simple as a no-obligation trade-in quote.

3. Website Optimization For Conversions: This one is easily forgotten about; it’s not sexy and often overlooked. You probably have a website, but who takes ownership and accountability for the results? What do we mean by optimizing your website? It’s really simple, it’s the basic blocking and tackling concept, but it can make up to a 2-3% difference in your monthly lead conversion rate from website traffic. In the webinar I share companies that can help with this.

4. On-Facebook Destination Ads – Everyone is doing Facebook marketplace ads. It’s old – a free listing service. But now you can put paid advertising behind the marketplace that will allow customers to view your VDP details right on marketplace. The best part, the cost of doing business right now is super duper cheap! But it won’t last forever. We are one of the only exclusive marketing partners that can help your dealership with this.

5. Appointment Confirmation: How many of your sales appointments do not show up? Do you have an appointment confirmation process? By implementing this one method can make a 50 car difference just by itself! Watch our Webinar and Download the PDF Blueprint to see a template you can copy and use for your own dealership.

Watch the FREE Webinar – 5 Proven Methods to Sell 50 More Cars per Month to see exactly how to capitalize on these simple, but efficient methods that won’t cost you a lot of money, but have a huge impact on monthly sales numbers.

How Is Your Dealership Performing In Sales?

  1. Are you tracking, reporting, and capitalizing on your Inbound Phone Pops?
  2. Do you have a system in place that mines the gold nuggets in your client database?
  3. Are you strategically leading customers to your VDP on Facebook marketplace?

If you answered no to any of these, we’d love an opportunity to earn your business.

Free Webinar – 5 Proven Methods to Sell 50 More Cars

Watch 5 Proven Methods to Sell 50 More Cars Per Month to see how each of these simple methods will produce, at least, ten car deals a month, which is ultimately 50 car deals a month.

Download the PDF Guide

We captured all the details from our webinar in this downloadable resource. It is filled with a summary of all 5 Proven Methods as well as resource links to vendors we trust. Download the guide below, and keep in touch to let us know how these methods work for your dealership and if there’s a way we can help you integrate them all into a cohesive strategy to sell 50 more cars per month.