One of the most fundamental parts of any marketing campaign (or series of campaigns) is a marketing plan. It consistently baffles us at how many marketing companies don’t find it necessary to send the companies they’re working with an idea of what steps will be taken to carry out the campaign. Additionally, companies should know what effect these steps will have on their budget, growth, and of course their bottom line.

If you’re working with a marketing company that simply provides blind service without any kind of solid direction or plan, you’re working with the wrong marketing company. At the very least, you should ask the company to assist you by coming up with date milestones and other information that will help you determine the efficacy of their campaigns.

What to Look For

Any quality marketing plan from an automotive direct mail or other car marketing services company should contain the following information:

  • Milestones. You can’t be expected to take it on faith that a marketing company is going to complete all the needed advertising tasks within a short or even reasonable timeframe. Milestones ensure that both you and the marketing company are proactive about getting and working with the needed materials within a reasonable period of time.
  • Success Metrics. How do you know how well your campaigns are doing? You won’t unless your marketing company is willing to give you the numbers that will show you it’s working. Good marketing campaigns do take time, but how much time? Your company should be clear on this.
  • Communication. When can you expect to receive calls and reports from your marketing company? Are they working with you solidly to ensure that goals and deadlines are met? You shouldn’t be in the dark about how your advertising campaigns are doing, particularly during busy times for your dealership.
  • Outline of the Plan. How will you know what the plan is unless you’re given some indication? Also, how will you know that your marketing company’s plan is working? Any mailers that go out should not only be completed on time – you should know the reason things are being done when they are done, and you should know what Plan B is should Plan A fail. There are no guarantees in marketing, but that shouldn’t stop you from being a satisfied customer in some capacity.

This, coupled with an enthusiasm for your project and the ability to meet deadlines on time, should give you an idea of the future direction of marketing campaigns from day one. Remember, you’re paying good money for your marketing – so automotive direct mail marketing services shouldn’t be a mystery. Your marketing company should be 100% transparent, and should have a clear plan that will address both successes and failures.