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I like to think I have an interesting life. Part of an interesting life is knowing what matters and interests you, and then making the most out of what you’ve picked. If you’ve chosen correctly, your interest can evolve as you evolve and grow as you grow. If it never really matters or interests you, you’re likely just chasing the wind or the latest shiny object.

If you take your interests, and somehow turn them into viable business models, you never become bored, and you’re never poor. You are doing work that matters — and most importantly, matters to you. And when that happens, life is good and better than most.

So what matters?

Finding your passion, wherever it may be, and going for it. Discovering something you love and excel at it, and, of course, doing it in a way that you live on purpose.

What steps do you need to take to pursue your passion and purpose and do what matters most to you?

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