ADS | Know Yourself by Chad Brooks

Knowing yourself — should be the most natural, effortless thing to do, right? But it’s not always easy to be true to yourself when you exist alongside others, pushed to meet this month’s car sales and a variety of other ultimatums. Before you know it, you’ve taken your eyes off of your self-awareness, and you live your life always seeking where you stand.

Here are eight thoughts on getting back your mojo and towards a path to personal growth and success. A plan where you will be in tune with yourself.

  1. Positive thinking is always more productive than negative thinking. Where are your thoughts negative and when will you change them?
  2. There is no such thing as accidental thinking. How can you be more intentional about your thinking?
  3. Thinking big is always better than thinking small. Where does mediocrity exist in your life and business?
  4. One focused thought will generally create higher returns than many unfocused thoughts. Where do you need to narrow your focus? Where is unfocused thinking taking you and your business?
  5. Breakthroughs in your business will only occur with creativity in your thinking. Where are you following the generally acceptable “if it’s tried it must be true”? Are you bold enough to do something different to change the status quo?
  6. Realistic thinking empowers certainty in your future. Where can new strategy today increase the certainty of tomorrow?
  7. Strategic thinking is always more productive than hopeful thinking. Where are you plan light and hope heavy? What plans do you need to create?
  8. The possibilities are endless. Are you thinking that way? Are you a possibility thinker? The SKY is not the limit.

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Let’s start working on a new breakthrough.

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