The conversation that leads to more car sales | ADS | Chad Brooks

Someone once said, “Always enter the conversation that is already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

Think about that for a moment. Too many automotive marketers and car guys are trying to create a conversation in the mind of their customer, when what they really should be doing is figuring out the conversation that is already going on.

None of us really wants to be told what to think. But we love people who can echo exactly what we’re already thinking and feeling. Stepping in to help customers get where they already want to go and do what they already want to do is where magic happens.

The amazing part is, before the Internet, this conversation in a customer’s mind was more of a private matter, but today in this fast paced Google age we have opportunity for influence every single time a customer opens their browser and types in their inner head conversations.

Are you in the conversation?

Is it the right conversation?

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Let’s start working on that new solution to that old problem.

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