ADS | Always Be Excited | Chad Brooks | ADS is the leader in automotive direct mail and digital marketing.

There’s no trick or secret to winning. It’s an everyday, all-the-time effort. More than anything else, it’s an attitude. And more than 90 percent of having a positive attitude is being excited.

It’s easy to be excited when everything is going hunky-dory. The tough thing is being excited when everything hits the fan — when you don’t feel good, when car sales are down, when life isn’t going according to plan. But if you want to win, you’ve got to get excited and stay excited. Your ability to deal with problems or negatives and get them out of your system and move on, determines whether or not you’ll be a success.

Most people can stay excited for a few weeks or months. A few can stay excited for a year or two. But a winner will stay excited for twenty years — or as long as it takes to win.

If you’re a leader of other people like I am, we must set the example of being excited. Excitement is contagious. People won’t follow a dull, frustrated crankypants. If you’re excited, you will draw people like a magnet. Everyone wants to know what you’re feeling. They want to experience the excitement you have.

Live your purpose!

Get focused!

Stay fired up!

And have fun — life is worth living well!

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