Same As Always | ADS | Chad Brooks

Remember when social media took off? Suddenly everyone was an expert marketer. Just like anything that takes off quickly you begin to notice the lightweights hanging around that weren’t there before. They want to be part of the “new” game. They like it easy and predictable as opposed to the hard work of innovation and making ideas happen.

Automotive sales and marketing is no different. Every dealer wants new ideas, but most prefer to do what worked yesterday, only expecting the same results.

The problem is that what worked yesterday is obsolete, and the results are diminishing with time. The market is the judge, and the market ignores boring and demands innovation and new ideas.

It’s true, the herd goes to where the long grass is. And there will always be those who will gripe about how much better it was in the old days.

I guess that’s the same as always.

There is one difference, though. While most people will give in to fear and the resistance, there are a few who embrace change and will take action on new ideas.

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