Nobody said the car business was easy.
Some of us find it by chance, some because it’s felt like a natural fit from the beginning.

As with any other job, there are ups and downs. Some mornings we’re excited to come to work. Some mornings we dread.

Let’s talk a little about the mornings we dread, and what makes us walk away.

For most of us, that moment comes when we don’t feel empowered to treat customers the way we’d like, or to make management decisions that would make the day-to-day easier for our teams. When you feel like someone over you doesn’t find you capable enough to take the torch and run with it, your mind starts to wander. You might consider greener pastures, then end up in a different work situation that’s less fulfilling.

So here’s the key point: Have you made the ask?

The ask isn’t just about making a play to get what you want. You have to be willing to exchange something in return. With the customer, you’re asking them to buy a car under a specific set of conditions. Every day we make this ask – so why aren’t we comfortable making the ask in other areas? Have you asked an owner for the tools that would help you run your dealership smoothly, offering a work environment in return? Have you asked for the customer incentives you’re passionate about so you can sell more cars and achieve more success?

Making the ask always involves some exchange, but for some of us it’s the difference between making the most out of our current opportunities and striking out.

What keeps you motivated daily? What can you ask for today?