I have nothing against sheep; I just don’t want to be one.

We are all exposed to the herd mentality. It begins early in life when we are told to color inside the lines.

But while the herd mentality appears to be strong, even stronger is our desire to be an individual, to carve out our own niche in life, to make our mark, to challenge the status quo and business as usual.

For those not following the herd, learning is something you choose to do. It’s not something assigned to you. It’s a passion deep inside of you always to be learning and getting better.

For those not following the herd, it’s about making your mark and finding your way. It’s a choice you committed to, not an expectation of someone else.

For those not following the herd, it’s about taking responsibility to carry the ball for yourself in the direction of your dreams.

If you are continually learning and growing, making your mark, and finding your way — congratulations. You are not one of the sheep.