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Have you noticed the Associated Press Top 25 and the Coaches Poll for college football rankings have become the stepchild to the official Playoff Rankings? It’s simple to understand why. It’s easier to win the game if you’re the person making the rules. The Playoff Ranking committee is the new rule maker in college football. Therefore they get the most attention.

In business it’s no different. Take the old school of automotive advertising. There are lots of creative, talented, productive people in the business, but because they’re all busy waiting their turn to offer the same commodity as a 1,000 other advertisers, all their talent and creativity can’t help them much.

In fact, it could be hindering them. It never occurs to them that they’re doing something wrong. So they sit and wait hoping for change. Someday. Somehow.

Sometimes changing the game means YOU actually do the changing.

This is something we are doing at ADS. Check out Gametime and ADSMarketer.

What are you doing to change your game?


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