ADS | Unexpected | by Chad Brooks

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?

Think about it. I’ll wait.

That’s what I thought. The fact that it’s taking you some time to remember says it all. It’s scarce. Isn’t scarcity what drives value?

Too often, we get caught up efficiently doing ineffective things, focusing solely on the work that will get us through the day. Author Gilles Deleuze, wrote, “We do not lack communication. On the contrary, we have too much of it. We lack creation. We lack resistance to the present.”

Resist the present. Stop trying to impress and persuade. Kick the habit of only self-promoting.

Rather create something unexpected and provocative that surprises people and touches their emotions. Awaken their attention by being totally out of the ordinary. Charm them and have fun.

Remember that unexpected is more than just different. It’s a handwritten letter. It’s an out-of-the-blue phone call to thank a person. It’s a letter that talks passionately about the recipient, instead of the sender. It’s a fruit basket, flowers, book, or gift delivered to someone, that is totally unexpected.

It is not something that we expect in our mailbox, on a billboard, or to come out of most people’s mouths. If it is, we simply compare it or forget about it.

Step out of being similar to everyone and do something inspiring and meaningful, for you and the recipient. Be bold and engage someone who is desperate for a diversion, for a surprise.

This kind of unexpected  says it all.

Are you ready to sell some cars?

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