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If we want to live life to the fullest, we need to act like Curious George. I talk about this because I have two little girls and one of their favorite books is Curious George Visits the Library. In this book, George is asked the question, “Are you curious?” As the story unfolds there’s Curious George the little brown monkey, and his friend, the man with the yellow hat. The book follows along as George experiences the challenges and adventures of life. It turns out that curiosity is his greatest teacher. George learns more by being curious than he ever could by being passive.

You probably heard this saying before, but maybe not this version: contrary to popular opinion, curiosity did not kill the cat, being safe and staying stagnant did.

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I believe we have to act like Curious George if we want to live life fully.

One of the great illustrations of this truth is when we become curious about the why’s in our life. Why do I do it this way? Why am I thinking this way? Why is it happening this way? Why am I experiencing life this way? I believe there are some ways we can utilize curiosity as a vehicle to give us more in our life.

How can we become more curious?

  1. Review the first five years of your life. I do this through my two little girls. They are curious. They came out of the womb curious and they are still curious. One of the chief challenges I have as a parent is to keep their spirit of being curious high. If you could go back metaphorically to being young and being a child you would recall one of the things we did most is ask the question, “Why?”  Why do we do this? Why do we do that? Why is the truck white? Why is the sky blue? and this is a precursor to my next point.
  2. Look for new solutions to old problems. How can you become more curious? You can come up with new solutions to old problems. If each year you promise yourself to lose weight, but it hasn’t happened, then it’s obvious you need a new solution to an old problem. If you’re expecting better automotive sales results, but you use the same strategy that you’ve done year in and year out, your results won’t be any different. You need a new solution to your old problem. Be curious and you will come up with new solutions.
  3. Become action driven. Focus on becoming action driven, result concerned, rather than action concerned and result deprived. You don’t need to have the solutions completely figured out to take action, but you do have to take action. If all you do is think about doing, and yet you never do, you will never be able to get the results that you might otherwise be able to get.

Let’s live life more fully by being more curious.

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Let’s start working on that new solution to that old problem.

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