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All automotive dealers, regardless of their size are focused on growth. All car dealers want more leads, more fans, more readers and subscribers, and more people who will buy cars and become “customers for life” — resulting in more sales, higher profits, and happy sales and management teams.

Car dealers usually have a plan to get those car sales. The plan involves getting their marketing message out to people they hope will be tomorrow’s car buyers. This usually involves the use of a smorgasbord of marketing channels, from automotive direct mail, TV, radio, event sales, email blast, etc. All the while they are doing this they often forget the customers and prospects who have already showed up — the ones in their database. These are people who have provided their name and email and basically have said, “here we are, take us where we want to go”.

So what do many car dealers do? They neglect the database. They move to the next thing, the thing they are most comfortable with. They innovate and build and create for the people who may never arrive, instead of understanding the problems to solve for the customers and prospects who volunteered their name and email address. The ones who are really saying, “what do I need to know?”

It turns out we can find tomorrow’s car buyers by relentlessly focusing on the customers and prospects in our database. They offer us clues all the time of what they want. For those dealers who decipher those clues, welcome to more sales, higher profits, and happy sales and management teams.

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