An Annual Review with You | by Chad Brooks | ADS

When was the last time you spent an hour or two looking closely at your life to determine if it was really going in the right direction? I know, who has an hour or two when you are in the automotive marketing business?

Seriously, I believe the question of a lifetime, that we all need to answer is this: If your life turned out perfectly, what would it look like?  I’ve had a chance to reflect on my own life, and what I’ve learned is that life breaks. Things don’t always go as planned. I’m sure you can relate to this. It’s something that happens to all of us.  Sometimes we get knocked down. Sometimes we just need encouragement to get back up or to stay on track.

I believe most people live their lives without a clear picture of what they want, without a plan to achieve true happiness, and with goals that are too small and dreams that are fading away. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe if we want to live our lives more fully we need to:

  1. Know what’s important to us — this centers us.
  2. Know where we want to go in key areas of our life — this directs us.
  3. Know how to do what we want — this enables us.
  4. Do what produces our desired outcome — this motivates us.

An annual review with you is an opportunity to examine the quality of our lives. It’s a chance to explore and decide what will bring us fulfillment in the year and years ahead.  It’s the opportunity for us to take inventory of our skills and talents and a chance to refocus on our passion and where we want to go in our lives.

The annual review with you is the most critical thing we can do each year to guarantee we finish strong.

Here are some questions to think about over your next cup of coffee:

  1. Am I missing anything in my life right now that is important to me?
  2. What am I passionate about that gives meaning to my life?
  3. What should I be doing differently in my life? (If you don’t do something differently, you’ll then be where you are now, only later.)
  4. What bad habits are pulling me down?
  5. What do I value that gives me true satisfaction?
  6. What is it about my job that makes me feel trapped?
  7. Where do I want to be, and what do I want to be doing in 5, 10, and 20 years?
  8. What steps should I be taking now that will ensure the future is as meaningful as possible?
  9. Where do I seek inspiration, mentors, and working models to achieve greater significance and growth?
  10. What do I want to be remembered for?

As we get ready to start a new year, my hope is that together we will make it a great year. I’d love to hear your goals for 2015.

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